Review of Neo Turf Masters as A Classic Arcade Golf Game

DotEmu has recently launched Neo Turf Masters on the apple store which brings The Neo Geo arcade classic played on the go

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For those who had played arcade golf games such as Hot Shots Golf, this game, Neo Turf Masters may have the basic gameplay

In this game, you will merely swing your way through one of four golf courses with a simple power and accuracy meter.

To play this game, you will adjust your aim, stance, club, and ball spin
And, try to get the pesky ball closer to the hole.

In this package, this game still plays the basic formula where it is like the arcade original.
Besides, this new version of arcade game is really good about saving and offering to resume your progress whenever you close the game itself

In related to the game mode, it feature an infinite mode as an alternative to the lives-based arcade mode.
Plus, you can also test your skill by playing in a multiplayer mode with good MFi controller support

If you are a veteran of any kind golf arcade game, this one may remind you how the game will not run at a solid pace due to the emulation or some other issue.
You can feel this when you use some touch controls to controlling your ball spin.
Anyway, this game has delivered a solid arcade golf experience with some good course design

In conclusion, this game seems to stick to the original arcade game, which has been made in a good ways where you can nostalgia toward your past memories when playing such game in your childhood


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