Review of Narborion Saga Handheld Fantasy Adventure by Liber Primus Games

Liber Primus Games presents Narborion Saga that is a kind of a fantasy-themed gamebook and take you to a world of epic high fantasy where you live out an adventure as a newly anointed page to the Royal Champion on your first adventure.

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This game is still a pretty entertaining experience, in which you are thrust directly into the world and are presented with several scenarios whether to make decision for them or otherwise.
Later on this game, you will also be given with some puzzle solving moments in the story, while having an experience in good old fashioned inventory management and dice-based combat system.

In this game, you will play as a young page serving the Royal Champion, who starts with his first quest to help the Lady Carluna, who is Princess of the Kingdom on her attempt to restore a Goddess to full power.
During your journey, you will meet some enemies such as goblins, angry monsters, ancient demons buried in a battlefield, a dangerous swamp, a gypsy camp and the Black Keep, that you have to beat in order to assist the princess.

Anyway, this game presents the ability to bookmark progress, where you will keep your fingers in between pages to explore possible outcomes from a particular decision.
You can then get these bookmarks with gold, which you can either earn while adventuring or by paying with cash.
These bookmarks will bind you, and if do not buy bookmarks, you progress is completely lost if you die when fighting against enemies.

Also, some sections of travel are gated by time, it means that you must purchase them to bypass, so you may still need to weigh your options for fear of having to slog through progress gates.

In conclusion, Narborion Saga has delivered specific narrative for gamebook fans, and it is perfectly enjoyable in its own right.


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