Review of MyTP Skateboarding

If you like playing skateboard, you may also like playing skateboarding game on the go
In line with this, you will notice that some excellent skateboarding games have been on the App Store.

mytp skateboarding walkthrough ios android

With such game, you can use your fingers to manipulate the board and perform tricks.
Similar to any game in such genre, there are a stream of endless and auto skaters

According to this, MyTP Skateboarding has presented a combination of freestyle and third person, button presses and swipes.

In this game, it happens on one massive skate course where you can use a teleport system to go to various areas, start to have a competition and gain score points into higher

In related to the game`s controls, you will push on the lower right side of the screen to accelerate and tilt your device to steer around and go through into the various obstacles and land on the ground smoothly

Besides, the left side of the screen will allow you to control the tricks you are making in that level.
To make a simple trick, just push and release to pull of a simple ollie
And, you can add in swipes of a multitude of different sorts to do board tricks in the air.

Anyway, this game, MyTP Skateboarding really presents nice ideas, where you can do the quick jump travelling and explore then experiment the trick on your own.

Moreover, you will feel the experience where you are doing any of the tricks based on your style and skills

In addition, as you may have seen that there are some great skateboarding games on the mobile markets
And, MyTP Skateboarding has given all of pleasure for what skateboarders have thought in their mind


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