Review of My PomPom by Big Blue Bubble

Big Blue Bubble, the developer of popular game such as My Singing Monsters has also launched their newest game My PomPom

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Similar to the predecessor, My Singing Monsters which is one of the cleverest musical town-building games where you can sing with the character, my pompom will allow you to talk to the character, dance with her, and even bring her into the real world via augmented reality
This game can be said as the latest interactive singing monster experience coming to mobile experience.

Anyway, you will actually raise a multitude of fantastic-looking characters that contribute a unique voice to a massive chorus.

Also, you can have more to do as well as playing with her to earn diamonds, then purchase her treats to make her happy.
This game will challenge yourself to be a master juggler in an exciting mini-game, then you will also be able to level her up to unlock new worlds and animations which is wrapped in all of the laughter and music from the original game

You can also hear sweet-voiced character in a fluffy pink critter that resembles an otherworldly cheerleader.

On the other side, you can also repeat anything that you have said, and you can also get PomPom to eat food and level-up.
However, food here requires diamonds, which are not easy to earn in-game beyond a once-a-day prize wheel spin.
You can also earn them by playing a pom pom juggling game.

Later on, you can also unlock dance moves and record your PomPom’s antics via your mobile device’s camera and send them to your friends.


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