Review of Mushroom Wars Space

Zillion Whales has launched its newest debut of Mushroom Wars: Space where you simply guide the brave Mushroom people to travel through the brand-new maps in over fifty new missions of the single player campaign.

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Along the game, you will meet extraterrestrial civilizations, cutting edge technology and new game mechanics
Anyway, this game is still about conquering mushroom houses and towers in order to bolster your armies’ numbers.

Here, manpower is really helpful to do some actions in this game.
This manpower is made by capturing mushroom houses then turning them into strongholds wherein your mushroom folk get busy and produce other mushroom dudes in specific time.

In order to expand it for even bigger, you can sacrifice a certain number of a house’s inhabitants
so that it will allow more soldiers to fill up there.

Then as you can see the mushrooms breed, you can send large teams off to complete a mission
This mission will include capturing all the enemy’s houses, grabbing certain towers before the other side nabs it, or securing specially-marked houses.

You will also go through level packs across differently-themed planets
And, the multiplayer option will allow three players to play at once
At this point, you can use your new PvP abilities, take part in tournaments, get promoted in Leagues and play in special events.

Meanwhile, you can also get the inclusion of active and passive spells that can be crafted from ingredients you win in some battles.

On the other side, this game formula is made in addictive, which might be enough to convince long-time fans to transfer to space.

In addition, if you have played this kind of space game, Mushroom Wars Space may be the good reference to try on your phone.


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