Review of Mos Speedrun 2

Physmo has launched Mos Speedrun 2 on the apple store as a new endless running game where you will get to jump through 30 mysterious containing action packed levels

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Your way to jump has the main goal that is to collect more gold coins as much as possible in the limited period

To perform your action, you will use your abilities where you can swing on ropes, swim through jelly, push blocks, wall jump, and fight through spider webs to reach the end of a level.
Also, you must avoid some obstacles that will end up your way in the game

On the other side, this game is built with some challenging levels in which each takes a minute or two to complete

Anyway, you may repeat each stage to learn new things about them
Besides, you will know how to shave off a few valuable seconds when trying to go through each level in one piece.

Moreover, every level in the game also offers a hidden skull, that you will have to explore carefully.
Every time, you can go through a level, you will then unlock new stages, as well as getting new costumes such as a dinosaur costume, fedora, and clown nose to wear for having different look during the gameplay

In related to the game control`s options, this game needs tight controls where you will freely use virtual buttons that will help you complete the objective
Thus, it is all about your skills to successfully complete each level and grab all coins there


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