Review of Morpha Endless Runner Game with Tron Style

Morpha is a new endless runner, that comes with a Tron style exterior, where you get the chance to go for a procedurally generated maze filled with traps, obstacles, coins, and power ups.

morpha walkthrough ios android

In this game, you will be able to race through the digital landscape, changing colors as you power through the world with your craft

Here, you will be tasked to control both the player and landscape that you can do by tapping gaps and double tapping blocks to get through the environment at ease.
As you can see, the speed and difficulty increases every time you pass through a checkpoint.

You will see the track in an isometric perspective and you will then race through various areas with your craft, a red arrow keen to flit around
To guide it, you will simply swipe left or right to move it around.

You can also perform some actions such as jumping and ducking, through typical swipes up or downwards combination.

In the mean time, you will also be able to double tap on a big boulder in your way.
Tapping on an empty square will allow you to make a bridge to help you in your efforts.

On the other side, you will also see boosts such as the ability to clone yourself for extra point scoring opportunities

Anyway, they will also be fairly typical such as multipliers and a slow down mode.
You will also see scenery changes at regular checkpoints in a premium mode

So, if you like playing the other endless runner game on your phone, you may have to try this game as well as this will give you a new experience designed for mobile platform


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