Review of Monument Valley Forgotten Shores by ustwo

Monument Valley has now had the next sequel that is The Forgotten Shores update which features eight brand new stages.

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Anyway, this Forgotten Shores does not offer the tutorial stages: from the very first stage to the last one, even you will be getting the full Monument Valley experience though.

Later on, the eight new stages are made in an incredible design sporting way more sections than the original ten stages and new gameplay features.
Here, yo will meet the puzzles that can still be solved by switching perspective
Sometimes, you may find there are others that require you to manipulate the flow of water or use crows in more advanced ways.
You can taste one of the final stages, which brings the Escher inspired design even further.

This game is filed as it is coming along with transportive music and wondrous dreamscapes, that will make you smile.
Forgotten Shores is coming with moments giving you a chance to do just that, then it is to savor how you feel once you have.

In conclusion, this new update of Monument Valley is worth to buy for all of you who have enjoyed the gameplay experience of the main game.
You will experience the update that includes eight ingeniously crafted new stages filled with new puzzles and gameplay mechanics
With those puzzle and gameplay mechanics, you will be brought to the whole experience to a whole new level and make this new update feel more like a sequel than a simple update.


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