Review of Mister Smith & His Adventure

Ayopa Games has the action packed comedy adventures game called Mister Smith & His Adventure, where you will make your way through interactive comedy plots in your own adventure

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Mister Smith & His Adventures will also include its extensive use of humor, packed in the storylines with trivia quizzes.

In this game, you will take a role as Mister Smith, who is a fairly unremarkable man trying to be something special.

You will simply follow the story where you will have a bunch of choices like choosing your priorities in the life
Sometimes, you will also get a quiz to answer the capital of Chile.

At this point, your answer will bring you a few points on a particular scale toward a story score to demonstrate how well you did in this game.

To deal with trivia quizzes, you will get a bunch of decisions to make
Clearly, doing anything in this game is about a humor where you will sometimes smile after reading a story itself

In addition, this game is a variation of highly adventure genre with humor sense, and it is a successful addition of the story that will make you smile
Anyway, following every single story will make your way through a kind of life RPG genre.


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