Review of Minton Helps A Bat to Gather More Tomatoes

Minton is developed by gamefabrik GmbH where you will guide a bat to get his favourite vegetable then help him in his eventful journey through gloomy caves, gruesome graveyards or red-hot lava landscapes while reaching high score points.

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During your journey, you will meet enemies such as spiders, ghosts, firebirds or giant bats whereby you have to use Minton’s mighty Woosh to beat them

Later on, you will also glide through fondly drawn level while gaining score as high as possible then compare your personal scores with the high scores of your facebook friends

At the beginning of the game, you will start flapping the little pacifist fruit bat Minton
Minton himself will move at a moderate pace, making him easier to maneuver in the multiple stage.

In related to the soundtrack and characters, the illustrated backgrounds and characters ooze loving storybook detail and spookily impressive lighting.
The soundtrack sounds like some kind of funky techno “Monster Mash” remix and it is good enough to listen to on its own.

However, this game is fair enough that you will be able to soak up the atmosphere instead of just dying constantly.

This game features the main currency that is tomatoes that you can collect along the stage.
Besides, Batchup is the game’s primary pun that will make Minton the bat a play on badminton

When Minton gets hurt, he must eat a tomato to heal him.
However, you will want to collect tomatoes while at full strength to store full tomatoes.
In line with this, full tomatoes will do everything from powering aerial dashes, to purchasing stat-boosting gear, to unlocking new stages.

Furthermore, Minton‘s got some other little issues here and there
You can see such as stiff animation and cluttered visuals blurring the line between obstacle and decoration

Entirely, this game is very good game from being a great one
And, this is far too common freemium elements in which all you will do is to fly, avoid obstacles while collecting more tomatoes for high score points.


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