Review of Midnight Star as Sci Fi FPS Game

Midnight Star that is developed by Industrial Toys can be categorized as an epic sci-fi shooter which is specifically designed from the ground up for mobile where you will be able to build your arsenal, develop your skills and compete with other players online

midnight star basic tutorial ipad ipod touch

In line with this, the game in the first person shooter genre just do not work without two solid, physical analog sticks under your thumbs

Because of this, the smartphone gaming world has looked long and hard for some way to re-engineer the genre to work with a touchscreen
Also, it it is possible the control and usually resorts to some manner of intangible d-pad, that works okay at best.

Few days ago, Midnight Star was still in the progress, but now this game has been set out to the aapple store bringing many elements of the console’s FPS staple in an effort to keep the core of this particular gaming style intact, and playable.

When playing this game, you will feel a strong sci-fi element to the plot, which revolves around some weird alien time-shifting teleportation artifact and the last remnants of humanity trying to discover where the solar system disappeared to
And, you will meet enemies that are well-armed but fairly mindless evolutions of giant bugs.

Here, you are not entirely without movement controls, as you are in Virtua Cop.
On the other side, the HUD keeps you informed of how many nasties are approaching from either side, and changes color to signify the imminence of their assault.
This thing is simple, and that is what makes it such a great FPS control system.

You can also control the camera or any movements, so that you will be free to aim with ease that you can do by tapping whatever you want to shoot.
Holding down unleashes rapid fire bullet, and two fingers on the screen activates your shield.

When shooting enemies, some weapons actually aim just above your finger, which does introduce a level of manufactured inaccuracy.
Some weapons will also offer more accuracy by pinching and pulling the screen to zoom in, making for lots of great head shot action.

When reloading the weapons, it adds some decent suspense to the action too, as letting your gun run dry increases the time and it takes to jam in some more ammo.
If you reload manually, you will aim and shoot again much quicker.
At this point, basic quick time events are included for melee combat, that looks stunning.

This game is a free to play, but this also features IAPs in the shape of Catalyst which is the in-game currency.
With this Catalyst, you can purchase new gear, or speed up how long it takes to upgrade your current weaponry, armor and items.
But, purchasing catalyst is optional as you can happily play through the entire campaign without having to put your hand in your pocket.

Entirely, Midnight Star is like the hardcore console FPS gamer
And, it seems that the developer has taken in an effort to reduce friction and refined what a touchscreen FPS should be like the games in similar.


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