Review of Microgue is About Movement

Microgue from Crescent Moon Games is a bite-sized roguelike where you have to try to make your way up 10 floors of a castle.

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In each floor, you will then see a few rules and enemies, grid-like floorplan that you can move your character around on.
The goal of these floors is not to thwart all of the enemies or try to get loot.

Anyway, the game is about movement where you will have to move from one floor to another in one piece.
Then, you will be tasked to accomplish the goal that is harder than it sounds though

You will experience it when there are monsters that can turn you to stone from across the room, teleporting ninjas, and more.

On the other side, every playthrough will be different as a result of randomized levels
Here and there, you will have to improve your ability to make progress by learning how to manipulate enemies and the environment to your advantage.

This circumstance will make this game fun to play in which a result of learning is rather than a game about accumulating experience or gear.

However, the things that make this game fun are because of its distilled nature not in spite of it.
In addition, this game offers overly simple to play with.


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