Review of Micro Machines

Micro Machines from Chillingo can be said as an arcade racing car game which is free to play on the ios and android devices

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In other words, this game will get you to drive around tight little courses in your miniature vehicle.
You will drive you car through the courses like in real world environments.

During in the race, you will feel like in the real track where you will drive your car through some objects such as books to jump over, milk spills to skid through
Moreover, you will get to go through some more weird yet familiar landscapes

To play this game, all you will do is to control the direction your car to go to the right path
In the mean time, you will be able to pick up a special weapon and use it to shoot the other car by pushing the button popping up on the right of the screen.

You can then customize your car with some parts that you can get from a gacha mechanic
Here, you will get to gather up different packs of vehicle parts and four specific parts to unlock a new car

In line with this, you will need gems coins that you can get from winning the race or asking for your friends

Later on, you will get a chance to race against other players
There, you can join a club to get group rewards for your performances.
Plus, you can get some rewards from free events in the game

To test your skill, you can play in a random race for free.
There are some variety of different challenges, from straight forward first to the-finish races to more intense elimination experiences and carnage laced battle royales.

Again, the currencies in form of gems and coins take a big role to get new car parts
To get them more, you can rely on watching the ad videos that will reward you some coins gems
And, you may get boosts that will give you extra stuff for your car

On the other side, you may have a chance to collect the cars which will be fun to play with
So, if you look for something new in an arcade racing game, you may have to try playing Micro Machines on your device from now on


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