Review of Masters of the Masks

Square Enix has a new fairly typical RPG that is in the package of Masters of the in which this game is mainly designed for the ios and android platforms

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Here, you will be brought to explore the world of Ivren and discover recipes to make divine masks imbued with powerful skills.
Later on, you can try to fuse these masks to further augment your abilities

The story goes when you are chosen to save the world from an evil threat.
To deal with this, you will form a band of warriors to complete this mission, as well as working your way through various stages.

Then, you will follow a set path to new turn based battles but you will use line drawing and gestures to do attacks, rather than the traditional menu driven systems of old.
Also, you can recruit friends or random strangers to help you in battle, in which this will often give you a good advantage.

You can also create the masks more special.
These are put together through the many resources that you pick up during battle, and it will take a few minutes to finish up.

Graphically, this game has the charming graphics, where it will help you get past the fact that this is a game you’ve probably played before.

On the other side, there is an energy system to slow you down, plus one of those tedious roulette wheels
In addition, this game is just about to offer something interesting to play with.


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