Review of Master of Tea Kung Fu by Stanley Tsang

Master of Tea Kung Fu game will allow you to be a master of martial arts that will draw your power from your cup of tea during battle with your opponents.

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In this game, you will fight your way to the top and discover new tea spices to increase your powers.
Later on, you will also have to increase your level and earn power moves that you can perform in battle by consuming tea.

Along the game, you will take on waves of enemies in one-on-one duels using their peculiar brand of martial arts.
To play this game, you will simply swipe in various directions to parry enemy attacks while launching your own, and holding the shield for safe blocks.
Also, you will have to complete quick-time events to dole out the full damage of an attack string, and these sequences mix enough new and recurring patterns to feel interesting while still being fair.

At the beginning of the game, you will start each wave with a full of cup, and you can take sips throughout the match, forcing you to defend yourself in the meantime, to power up screen-filling anime super moves.

You can also equip the tea with various spices that provide passive buffs throughout the fight.
Or, you can splash the scalding liquid onto your enemies, draining their supply and utterly annihilating your opponent as he recovers.

On the other side, if you get hit you will lose tea, that will keep you on your toes.
In this game, the tea is an awesome way to customize both your character and your fighting style.

Meanwhile, the fighting system is so great and it will even distract players from how repetitive the game can get at times.
Enemies here change slightly, as well as for the backgrounds.

Graphically, this game is made in the endlessly expressive cel-shaded graphics, with huge, well animated, along with Punch-Out style cartoon characters.

In conclusion, this game is really a fun and exciting fighting game with colorful characters and challenging mechanics.
Moreover, it is designed for free updates and no in-app purchases as well.


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