Review of Mario Italiano Four Families

Mario Italiano Four Families developed by Booya Squad can be included in a social card battle game that will sometimes make you laugh at the characters or some funny cards forms

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Here, you are one of four outrageous Mob Families and start your life of crime you attempt to take over Capitol City.

In line with this, you will also have to build your crew from the toughest criminals, upgrade their stats and arm them with an advanced weapons and armor.

Anyway, this game is made in cartoon style visuals, Mario Italiano Four Families looks quite appealing but it is to the detriment of its navigation.

When playing this game, you will see where to scroll down to and a text heavy tutorial that will bring you in the deep of the story.

On the other side, you can build up your crew, work together with friends to exchange cards and loot, then level up your character until you can rule Capitol City.

In other words, you can create a Mob with up to 60 friends where you can trade cards and help along the game each other in Boss battles, then you will also be able to compete in daily Mob battles to collect rare loot that will be useful to build up your empire, upgrade your properties, and watch the cash roll in your pocket.

This game will also require energy to play for more actions
And, a bit stingy with energy distribution will not allow you to battle enemies as often as you like
But, you can find something to do here.
It will be fun to play with funny characters that will make you laugh at when seeing them in action


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