Review of Marble Mountain Full Lets You Collect Aurum

Lightning Rock has launched fresh and unique game bundled in Marble Mountain Full where you will guide a Marble looking for glory and the treasure by traversing to the top of the Mountain

marble mountain walkthrough ios android

Throughout the game, you will have to explore your way through rugged wilderness, snow, and lava to reach the top of the Mountain.

On the other words, you will merely tilt your phone to guide a marble around treacherous levels by delicately maintaining balance, direction, and speed.

In the mean time, you will also have to avoid avalanches, leap from waterfalls, delve into ancient graveyards, while jumping in the minecart and collecting all the Aurum’s.

Moreover, you will also have to solve puzzles, explore new parts of the map, and find ways to hop across hazards like in a full-blown platformer.

Also, you will be prompted to find all the Aurum’s for each level that you can use to unlock your Gold Banner and a new skin to try out for your Marble.

Seemingly, playing this game will be a little bit of hard as you will have no advancement spawn points in that you will simply start to go or try again and again.

Here, the sensitive controls can be heavily customized, and the colorful blocky arenas resemble some Nintendo 64 games.

Later on, the stages in this game are so creative and relatively expansive for the genre
On the other side, those stages are certainly tough enough to last a while before upgrading to the fire and ice levels of the full game.

In addition, this game level features a series of conveyor belts and you will travel up a twisting tree trunk.
Anyway, the levels can get so big some checkpoints, then replaying levels will really give you an excuse to achieve faster times and earn new marble types as prizes.

Entirely, playing this game will be fun and challenge you to guide the marble and to try completing each given mission.


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