Review of Mahjong Journey with Innovative Gameplay Twists

There are a ton of Mahjong game to play through and G5 Entertainment here seemingly focuses on the Mahjong side of things rather than how the story unfolds in its casual games, Mahjong Journey.

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In the most mahjong game, you will try to piece together matching tiles in the hope of clearing them all
Or, at least you will have to reach the all important gold ones at the bottom.
And, sometimes your achievement is determined by how many stars that you have gained for such success, in which trying to get three stars actually are quite tricky to gain after a time.

In this game, you will follow the story where you will assist a young girl and her grandfather to look for her lost parents as well as traveling across China, India and Japan.
Plus, you will visit the Forbidden City, Virupaksha Temple, the Taj Mahal and the famous Mount Fuji while trying to complete some challenging quests and gathering up gold stars to accomplish levels in a quick time

All you will have to do here is to make your way by pairing tiles to dismantle hundreds of layouts.
Later on, you will have an access to use some power-ups that will help you along the way
And, you can collect achievements for special accomplishments while taking advantage of innovative gameplay twists such as Shuffle, which make you get out of a difficult situation
Meanwhile, using Firecracker will blow up multiple pairs of tiles.

Anyway, this game is the kind of game that will get you to sit back and relax while playing along before moving onto the next similar stage.
Throughout the game, each stage is pretty big, with a bunch of potential matches, as well as some strategies that you can employ.

Unfortunately, this Mahjong Journey is not a kind of exciting to play, but it will satisfy for the casual gamer only.

In addition, you will also be served with in-app purchases, where you will have to purchase more power-ups to help you complete each quest.


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