Review of Magic Flute as An Opera Puzzler Game

Lablike has a kind of musical game that is packed in Magic Flute designed for ios platform in which it will serve beautiful opera music for opera fans

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This game can be said as a 3D puzzler game where you will take a control of a hero with a magical tool to overcome increasingly difficult obstacles on his journey to rescue a princess from a mysterious villain.

Anyway, if you are opera fan, you may find Mozart’s music in this game
You will also see that the design of the game will actually be based on the staging of a specific contemporary production of the opera

To pay the game, you will guide your hero Tamino with his friend named Papageno to go through a series of levels tied to the plot of the opera.

Along with your journey, you will deal with various obstacles such as a devouring snake, crumbling blocks, boulders, soon.

When meeting them, be sure to avoid them to go to the exit by moving modular components such as tiles, blocks, crates, lifts and more.

Here, all you will do is to swipe to move these components through space and tap to move your characters toward the exit.
If you can do so well, you will find the exit then go to continue to the next ones

In line with his, completing the level within specific time brackets will earn you one, two or three points based on your speed.

Once progressing through the levels, you will be able to reach checkpoints where you will go to the next one with a certain number of points
To find more points, you can replay the older level and try to complete it faster.

After going through the level a few times, you will learn how to progress faster and getting those additional points

When you are about to solve the puzzle, be sure to plan several moves
Here, you will start with a simple path to an exit door that will be a series of convoluted causes and effects that you have to anticipate to go through the next levels.
You can then follow through the cutscenes as your clue

Thus, experiencing this game will rely on the the beautiful music, lush cutscenes, a grand story, clever mechanics and worthy challenges that will give a certain value for anyone enjoying it.


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