Review of Magenta Arcade as A Shooter Game

Magenta Arcade can be categorized into a finger-based top-down shooter game from Long Hat House.
Here, you can play with your finger as your weapon on mobile devices, where you can use it to touch the screen to attack or retract to defend yourself

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Along with this game, Magenta Arcade is launched with some unique twists on the formula that take advantage of touch screen devices.

Throughout the game, you can control of a god as he tries to take down Ivo Magenta, who wished disaster as his last wish to this god.

To perform your shooting, you will simply hold the screen, that will also make you visible
Then, letting off your finger out the screen will make the character disappear, something that will prevent enemies from shooting him down.

In this game, you will be served with six different stages of varying difficulty level, which will require some time to complete as things get rather difficult from one stage to another.

You will then be directed to the boss battles, in which you will also be allowed to use different weapons
Completing side missions will reward you with specific bonuses to collect.

On the other side, you will see the leaderboards that will measure your achievement in this game
Beside, there is also a system where your powerups can carry from one level to the next.

Sometimes, you will also be challenged to complete an objective like not killing a certain number of enemies, or taking out a wave of aliens inspired by Space Invaders in each level.

If you can complete this challenge, you will get greater firepower or more health
Hearts are your health as a great savior, but you also cannot stack hearts beyond the default three that you get.

When dealing with the boss battle, you can rely on this firepower that will help out so much
You can also use it to fight off normal enemy waves that you meet in each level.

So, for those who like playing shooter game with arcade style, you may try this game on your phone and feel experience of the gameplay there


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