Review of Maestria A Puzzle Game to Ring Bells

Maestria made by Antoine Latour can be said as a new kind of puzzle game for the ios and android platforms where you will help Fugue bring back Harmony in eight enchanting worlds.

maestria walkthrough ios android

Anyway, this game is a pretty game that is ultimately a thoughtful and relaxing experience in which the meditative gameplay is reflected by both the sound and visual presentation.

Your objective of this game in to ring the bells in the correct order.
In line with this, each of the 160 levels are filled with bells where you have to ring in the correct order.

To do so, you merely tap on the main character, Fugue, a sound wave travels out from her wand and whenever it passes through a bell, that bell will go off.

According to this, all you will do in this game is to move Fugue, or the bells, into the correct position
Thus, when the sound wave is triggered it will pass through the bells in the correct order.

Graphically, this game, Maestria is made in colorful, in which the colors are dimmed such as the reds, yellows, and whites are not eye-catchingly bright.

On the other side, you will also be served with the melodious background music fades where you can trigger Fugue’s sound wave so that the bells ringing will not contrast the ambient music

Sometimes, you will get to overcome one obstacle which reflects the sound wave back towards Fugue
Here, you can use it to hit notes twice in a row, or avoid bells you do not need to ring.

In addition, Maestria is a great game coming along with great graphics and music background which will chill you out in this winter


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