Review of Lucy Ladybird by Sharon Chai

Lucy Ladybird is a beautifully illustrated tale about a ladybug that will bring you in fun animation and hidden surprises

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The illustrations here are filled with colorful, delightful details including the tactile use of fall leaves in their color-changed glory to make up ladybug bodies in cute one.

You will encounter the different seasons such as in the warm colors of fall, the icy cool colors seen in winter, and the lush floral displays of spring
These are wonderful scenes that make this book really stand out for its visual quality.

Here, you will also be able to sing along with the song, karaoke style, as adults read the words that are highlighted in time to the song being played.
This game also features additional Sing Along mode which is included with highlighted words as well as the chance to sing along with the narrator.

On the other side, this will also include a coloring book along with six images from the story which are offered, where you will see the quality of how the paint looks on the page when one has chosen a color to draw with
Anyway, this will only include a single paintbrush point.
You will be able to pick a selection of line sizes to draw with as well as other functions.


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