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Lucha Amigos will allow you to sling carapaces of 7 heroes named luchadores which are be assigned to knock all your enemies out

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This game itself is a kind of a puzzle game starring turtle on a quest, in which this game maintains a certain fun factor and it is a challenging game, ideal for short play sessions.

Along the game, you will be able to team up with this friendly bunch of heroic turtles as well as using their unique skills to accomplish 100 stages and rescuing the world from a gang of Evil Cacti.

This game is divided up into stages, each will provide you a room containing enemy cacti and collectible stars.
On the edges of every room are doors through which you have to tap and drag to sling turtles through to beat those cacti and gather those stars.
Here, your main goal of each stage is to beat all the cacti in a room before running out of turtles to sling.
On the other side, the stars in each stage are optional to collect in that they can increase its challenge or replayability.

As making some progresses through the game, you will meet more complicated room layouts
In the mean time, you will be given with special turtles to help you in solving these rooms.
This game has turtles which can change direction with a tap of the screen, and some of them have a cannon mounted to them to launch projectiles.

Later on, you will see the rate at which these new turtles and layouts roll out well paced, in which it will provide you a good sense of how to use their new tools well in a variety of environments before introducing new ones.

From all of that things, all of the mechanics inside this game work well and completely enjoyable
However, while having a good sense of personality, the game seems to be a little bit rough around the edges.

This game is made in nice animation, but some of the art looks fuzzy at times, and the guide for aiming turtle shells is a rough-looking outline that will not always communicate trajectories as easily as it is supposed to be.
And, you will sense that the collectible stars much like an afterthought.
Plus, there are absolutely no unlocks associated with stars.

In conclusion, Lucha Amigos is still a nice game with a solid package taht is worth to play in this winter.
This game has some inventive level design, that will make it more compelling than it seems.


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