Review of Lost Viking by Red Winterr

Lost Viking is brought to you by Red Winterr in which it is a puzzle game with roguelike mechanics
In this game, you will be able to match blocks to help a viking named Ragnar reach Valhalla.

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This game comes along with the style of movement with of tile management to a more typical matching game.
Your main goal in this game is to get Ragnar to Valhalla, but you will quickly learn that moving across the environment can be slow going and hard.
For further, you will have to gather up some coins, purchase upgrades, and learn tile management strategies to even make it to the second environment, in which it is still significantly far away from Valhalla.

Later on, you will get to deal with demons and rams, as well as unlocking chests of loot as well Sometimes, you have to get a camp by a fire to heal some wounds.
As you have seen in the gameplay terms, you can do all of these things with some mechanics which are very similar to the popular puzzle games, Threes!.

Again, this game will employ some puzzle elements in some smart ways.
Along the game, you will guide Ragnar the Viking to move across the top of the screen until encountering an obstacle in which these obstacles can be enemies, rewards, or some mix of both
All of these will get you to slide and match tiles of the appropriate type around the bottom half of the screen to determine what action is taken.
As an example, when Ragnar meets some enemies, you should match as many swords as possible so that when a chest is present, you need to match the keys.
Meanwhile, selecting to slide these tiles around will involve moving all tiles in the same direction at the same time every time a move is made.

This game will have a nice look of pretty fantastic when it is paired with some nicely animated visuals.
However, tile placements, enemy encounters, and other ill effects can change abruptly and often between runs to the point that if you will get lucky in the beginning, and your progress could be stopped entirely.
As an example, if you luck out and make it to a new area before you typically should, you may not have enough gold to purchase the upgrades necessary to beat any enemies in the new environment.
Once beaten they can always try again, but making progress to a new environment whereby every new run begins from the start of a new area.
In the future update, this may hopefully be fixed.

In addition, this game will be the best one to allow you to get better through developing your knowledge of the game mechanics and using that to your own advantage.


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