Review of Little Alchemist by Kongregate

Little Alchemist will give you that mix of spell crafting and strategic combat game where your main goal is to rescue Little Town by gathering up spells and discovering some cute and clever combos to deal with your enemies

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In the battlefield, you can collect more than 300 spells and 350 powerful spell combinations then use clever spell combinations to beat evil villains

Along the game, you will get a 35 card starter deck and a skill to pick such as healer, attacker, or direct damage that can be applied toward enemies.

Early on, you will play against the computer, but you can then play against the decks of other players which is controlled by the computer to prevent lag issues.
Here, you can play one card per turn, unless that card can be used with another in your hand to make a combo.

To play this game is that you have to combine a pair of cards to make a combo.
Every turn in a row that you do this your combo will be more powerful, to a cap of 5 at t a time.
And, if you are a healer, you will heal 1-5 life every turn.
But, if you select direct damage, you will deal 1-5 damage directly to your opponent per each turn.
If you select to attack, your creatures will slowly get more and more powerful each turn.
Here, the online arena attack is the most preferable skill to play with.

On the other side, you will be able to earn cards by playing and battling with opponents online
Then, you will get you a free pack every 50 coins in which every each pack will give you a single random card in it.
To get better packs you must get them with gems then you can also randomly get specific cards from computer opponents.
Later on, you can also power-up your cards through levels, which will make them better.

For further, you have to work to unlock the combos.
In line with this, you can try to pick two cards to look for a combo which takes 1 to 24 hours to process.
Here, you will then be able to begin with two slots to research with.
Anyways, Little Alchemist is is a wonderful game that is worth to enjoy and play for fun.


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