Review of Lifeline as A Gamebook of Notifications

Lifeline from 3 minute games is a kind of a gamebook where you can experience it through notifications with simple A or B choices to make.

lifeline walkthrough ios android

In this game, you will receive notifications on your devices, and wait for your responses.
It is simple and a clever idea, with great writing, but it falls apart after the first playthrough.

Lifeline tells about Taylor, the only survivor of a spaceship crash, who needs your support, as you will serve as a sounding board and make decisions to try and ensure that Taylor does not die in his mission.

The game ends if Taylor dies, so it is your duty to avoid that, though you can start over, and even gain the ability to change decisions along the way.

Technically, you will slowly learn more about Taylor and about what caused the Varia to crash through a steady series of messages that are meant to pop up as notifications
At this point, you will not actually need to open the game all the time, even when you are giving Taylor instructions.

Lifeline is compatible with Apple Watch, and it is designed to be experienced through notifications that Taylor is back from doing whatever you told Taylor to do
Then, you will open up the game to see what they are saying in full, and making simple A or B choices to send responses and offer the next steps to do.

And, the writing of this game is good enough that the waiting gimmick could be removed and the game would still hold up well.

Anyway, this game, Lifeline is an interesting enough experience as a gamebook that it will be quite worthy even without its gimmick.
In addition, this game, is an interesting approach to player immersion and storytelling to enjoy.


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