Review of Letters of Boom as Words Game

From the game play, Letters of Boom seems to be an interesting word game, but it lacks that ‘just one more go’ factor that makes all the difference.

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You can play in a Classic mode, and a Blitz mode as you will have to accomplish something in the space of one minute.

The rule of playing this game is pretty simple in which a letter appears on screen and you have to drag or swipe it to the top or bottom of the screen.
Here, every side is independent of the other, that will get you to create words from the tiles you’ve flipped up or downwards.
Once creating a word, you can simply double tap to clear the word and get some points as a result.

In this game, you will have a limit on 7 tiles per side, so if you will not plan things well you are able to run out of room quite fast.
Anyways, you can still discard them all and start again at a cost of letters available to you for further steps.

Along the game, you will have bonus tiles involved plus extra points based on the tiles used, but nothing get overly complicated here.
On the other side, this game also allows for the use of some slang terms or phrase.

Playing in blitz mode is the superior offering, in that Classic can also take some time to complete and it does not fully lend itself to mobile gaming.
Playing this game never quite clicks though, then you realize this game is mostly just another word game which always invite you for a while to come.


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