Review of Letter Tale as An Adventure Game

Letter Tale can be included in a wonderful adventure-game that comes along with its minimalistic designed fairy tale world, the unique story and its quirky characters such as fox and pigeons.

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The story goes when the carrier pigeons gets a job to deliver a parcel containing a foundling fox named as Ari that will be a postman of the carrier pigeons’ nation.

Graphically, this game has been made in gorgeous 2D animations that turn Ari’s world into a living fairy tale.

You can see this 2D works on geometric style when the subtle swinging of his arms to the foggy trees in the distance has been lovingly rendered in the same lightly detailed.

In this game, you will guide and help Ari deliver a letter to a recipient waiting on the opposite side of the map on the five available levels

To accomplish his goal, Ari must find his way over logs, across chasms, and past the occasional hungry creature.
Along the game, you can make him move and jump in any direction, requiring some simplified overhead platforming in some instances and just general meandering in others.

In the mean time, he can also pick up and carry one object with him, such as a piece of fruit as a food offering or an axe to chop down a makeshift bridge.

Sometimes, you will also get to solve the obstacle where you will need to chop down a tree to form a bridge to cross the cliff
Or, you will have to feed a warthog to move out of the way mostly a lot of walking and jumping.

On the other side, you can wander Ari off the beaten path and maybe find a log or piece of fruit he can pick up.
However, the characters you will meet are silent besides their itemized demands and provide no dialogue or plot progression.

In addition, this game will be still an enjoyable one with a beautiful world to play for fun.
Anyway, it will be nice if more levels, more challenges, and more interactions are added in the future updates.


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