Review of LEGO Minifigures Online

Funcom N.V has presented LEGO Minifigures Online on ios and android platforms
In this game, you can collect some other cool Minifigures, as well as building your own unique team then having exciting adventures through classic LEGO worlds

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Here, you can also beat your enemies with guitar riffs, or you can transform yourself into a spider with Spooky Girl

When exploring areas from pirate-infested tropical islands to the vacuum of space, you will battle with dragons, sea monsters, dinosaurs, aliens and much more

At the beginning of the game, you will be allowed to jump right into the action, as well as selecting from one of three different minifigures namely Bumblebee Girl, Roman Commander and Plumber

This game has served with the default controls which are great for touchscreens
With this control options, you can tap or use a virtual stick to move and tap or use corner buttons to attack, build things and do any action in this game.

To indicate your achievement, you will be tasked to collect stars that you can get by smashing some objects, in which you can use those stars to level up the special abilities of your minifigures

Graphically, the developer has put a lot of work into the backgrounds and scenery of this particular brick-based world.

When going to combat with enemies, it is pretty simple against mobs, even when they come in groups
Moreover, you can also use your special abilities toward your enemies in this game especially for the bosses which can be a little trickier

On the other side, you will also be brought to accomplish some quests, such as opening a certain number of chests in a limited time or running through part of the area without getting hit by cannons.

Later on, you will also be allowed to collect a whole bunch of different minifigures during the game
These minifigures can be form of the Striker that is good at dealing damage, Defender that is harder to defeat and Builder that is faster at building things.

You can then get new minifigures by completing certain quests and you can get the others by gathering the proper pieces to put them together into a good combination.

This game will come along with a little bit of iap purchase option where you will have to pay for few bucks to unlock new worlds such as Medieval World, Space World, Mythology World and Dino World

In addition, the developer has successfully put nice graphics and realized good control options which will comfort you while you are playing it on the phone


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