Review of Legacy Quest As A Dungeon Crawler Game

Nexon has launched Legacy Quest on the mobile markets as a new dungeon crawler game
In this game, you will be tasked to beat all of dungeons you meet along the stage

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Early on the game, you will be allowed to select from one of three heroes classes namely warrior, wizard, and rogue
In line with this, they will come along with their basic attacks and special abilities

Once picking one of them, you can then go to the dungeons to fight against monsters, while collecting gear, gold and experience points
During in your journey, you must grind the dungeons to get better loot and level up your hero

Then, once clearing out all dungeons on that stage, you can go back to the overworld to equip any new items before going into the next dungeon.

Anyway, when playing Legacy Quest for a while, it seemed that there was not an easy-access inventory button sitting on the main menu.

Besides, you must access the hero selection screen, tap an unlabeled icon below the name of the currently-selected hero
Afterward, you will have the new window and tap the chest icon in the bottom row of icons.

Moreover, to see the skills and talents of your heroes, you may need to go back out of the hero selection screen
In the main menu, you will see that Talents and Skills categorized in two separate locations which are on the left side of the main menu.

Here, you have to pay to avoid replaying the levels.
At this point, you have the option to keep playing after your energy-meter equivalent runs out of free tries.

Basically, this game has a unique mechanic with the clunky menus and all-too familiar gameplay
So, if you like playing dungeon crawling game, you may have to try this one on your phone


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