Review of Last Voyage

Semidome has a nice game that is all about light switch in which you can find it in Last Voyage
Last Voyage has given a proof that sometimes the places you go are the ones that come to you.

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This game has spread across five thematically and mechanically distinct chapters where you will have a journey both through spaces and to space itself.

In this game, the developer has created masterful tension between simple instructions and abstract environments.
Whether Here, you can slide to align austere floating monoliths, while tapping to find a hidden “pulse” among a series of dots, or you can swipe your way through an overwhelming rush of colors

Anyway, you will get awesomeness of what everything you do in this game.
This game is also set to a swelling, along with ambient soundtrack that is filled with both mechanical cacophony and sudden melodic crescendo, basic brain teasers become much more.

You will also get a sense of this game when you go for chapter Path, where you will be assigned to stay centered along a comforting strip of light as you hurl headlong through a chaotic vacuum of reds, oranges, blues, and greens.

In related to the soundtrack, the developer is associated with Costa Rican musician EUS shines brightest, turning a would-be rhythm toy into an overwhelming look.
However, this game is too dark but the lights and the colors have given a outstanding look

So, playing this game is all about playing with the colors and light where you will see some colors will create their own shape


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