Review of Lara Croft Relic Run

Lara Croft: Relic Run from Square Enix will let you play as a variety of Lara Crofts, where you will simply run through ancients temples, jog through jungle ruins, then upgrade stuff and go for action again.

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In order to play this game, all you will do is merely swipe left and right to change lanes
Along the way, you will also have to collect coins, then you occasionally tap the screen to shoot things.

Throughout the game, you will nearly encounter new single run where you will deal with the variety of obstacles such as running on the wall, running over a pit, and riding an ATV through the dense jungle foliage.

With the game free to play model, you can upgrade the coin stuff to make all the other purchases easier
In line with this, you can try to max out Coin Trails that will give you more valuable currency sooner pretty quickly.

Once getting those coins, you will be allowed to purchase all the other upgrades, weapons, and power-ups that you can use to run through each obstacle in each area.

However, you may find where a swipe did not register correctly, which is always frustrating in these quick reaction type games.

Anyway, this game comes along with some pretty neat social features that let you screw with your friends but they only work through Facebook.

On the other side, with the presence of Lara Croft franchises on mobile, this game is included in a more female-centric action games on the App Store which offers you a great time to play with.


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