Review of Languinis Match and Spell

Languinis form Tilting Point Spotlight can be categorized into a spelling game that is in a package of a match-3 game.

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This game seems to take ancient Mayan mythology as a theme, where it is also to retain your attention through bells and whistles.

Here, you will get a board of colored gems and you must match them together in groups of three.
When matching them, they are replaced with letter tiles which you must then use to spell words.

While you are matching colored gems, you must create words from the letter tiles that appear thereafter.
So, the main point is to keep on top of both as you will not be able to solely focus on one side of things.

Along the game, the letters can be used from anywhere on the board
And, they do not need to be touching or to be utilized then.
When you will see words are spelled out, a flash of light, some sparkles, sometimes some lightning, and new gems fall down into the board, in which you can repeat this action over again.

Every time , you can match colors, you will be granted with points, and spelling words will give you more points.
If you can have bigger lineup of matched colors and the more complex the word, you will get more points.

In this game, you will get every level in a set requirement which must be met in order to successfully complete it.
Sometimes, those levels will get you to obtain X-amount of points, and the other ones will require you to spell X-amount of words of a certain length.

In addition, you can also have a chance to purchase or unlock various boosters that will help you make your progress at ease
Also, there is a fairly typical energy system restricting how often you play.

In conclusion, this game is a solidly entertaining mishmash of genres.
And, it makes a refreshing change from having to choose to play either a match-3 game or a word game.


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