Review of Knituma The Crazy Knitting Game by Paprika Games

Paprika Games as the developer of Worldlet has a unique idea of giving knitting theme into their newest game entitled Knituma

knituma basic tutorial for ios android

In this game, you will not actually be taught of how to stitch a sweater or scarf together.
Actually, the phrase “knit one, purl two,” never even shows up but this game is still pretty fuzzy fun to play.

On the other side, this game is a game about collecting the right objects and they are tossed into the air while avoiding the wrong ones.

To play this game, all you will do is simply to tap on flying balls of yarn and drag a thread from them into the basket at the bottom.
Anyways, if anything interrupts that thread, whether it is a gliding pair of scissors or you accidentally lift your finger, the ball is lost.
Here, a unique rhythm will come from combining such a deliberate motion with the pressure to act quickly.

Also, you will sometimes meet the obstacles that change nearly every round along with new rules. At this point, you will often see cats to show up to bat yarn balls away, moths fly into and ruin the basket if they are not crushed, and nails get driven onto the board to twist up strands.

Graphically, there is nothing technically impressive about the look
But, the outlandish sights from grandma choirs to octopus fan dancers will always be fun to look at as well as getting you to rack up higher scores.

In line with this game, knitting is already a fantastic visual, in which the scarf it knits reacts to the colors of yarn balls that you gather will come to a cute touch.
Later on, you can also purchase new outfits for the bear.

But, playing this game is unfortunately fleeting.
And, the freemium elements are an issue as paying a few bucks to unlock a costume is fair, but having to pay or wait hours to play more than five one-minute rounds in a row is just gross.
That issue will turn players to go away before they can get addicted to play it.

Again, this game is good enough to play in this thanksgiving and black friday when everything is getting off for each sales including game


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