Review of Katatak as Shooting and Tower Defense Game

Pixel Spill has launched the newest game, Katatak which is a retro art style game in that this game is like shooting game with packs in detail and character, to its storyline about a global invasion of cats, to its over-the-top attitude in general.

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In related to this game, it describes itself as a “side-scrolling tower defense of shoot ‘em up mix, where you will simply shoot enemies as they scroll by the screen to stop them from getting past.

Here, you will not even move your character in which they just constantly walk forward, and all yyuo will do is to tap the screen to blast cats and reload while hearing grating cat screeching sound effects again and again.

Along the game, prioritizing enemies such as flying cats are important to learn
When dealing with tough boss fights, it is also important to shoot down enemy projectiles to avoid major damage.

On the other side, you can customize your offense quite a bit.
You can also purchase pistols, machines guns, and shotguns as well as hiring teammates to give steady light support fire and heavy support fire that takes time to recharge.

In line with this, you will need thousands of kills in the survival mode that, so that you will earn more bonuses such having more new weapons.
You will have to shoot shooting a giant cat throwing money from the back of a speeding armored car, scrolling through exquisite character portraits, or catching a glimpse of a Bioshock Big Daddy in the background.

During in your action, you can also activate wacky power-ups like screen-clearing trains and dubstep sunglasses which are entertaining ones.

Graphically, this game comes with the pixel art style that is phenomenal and full of personality.
Anyway, this game reminds us that even limited old-school art can still feature tons of tiny touches

Meanwhile, the cutscenes are particularly great, with an uncanny combination of simple objects and smooth animation that recalls Ghost Trick.
Also, you will see a bunch of professional voice acting from Telltale Games talent

In addition, this game`s graphic style is easy, and if you are big fan of retro style game, you may want to try this one as a good reference.


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