Review of Kano Challenges You to Get High Score and Funny Hats

Kano from Glitche is a kind of matching color game, where you will simply match the colors to stop the lava for as long as possible that will come to point score.

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To play this game, you will need skillful throws, spins, catches and tilts that will guide you to get the best score among others.

Along the game, you will have to control a rotatable platform made up of four differently colored zones namely Red, Green, Blue, and Yellow
Here, all you will do is to keep the multicolored tiki-looking heads in the air for as long as possible.

At this point, the rub is that with each bounce, the head’s color will change
Thus, you will need to spin the platform with a swipe to line up the corresponding color.

And, if you fail to match colors, the platform segment will sink into the volcano.
Also, this empty spot will produce little balls of flame that will destroy other platform sections if you do not funnel them back into the lava.

Meanwhile, you can grab a floating mask that will restore one colored platform segment.
In this game, you can play free version where you will get three lives or tries
In order to get unlimited lives in this game, you must upgrade to Premium for $4.99 only
Moreover, you will also get some adorable little hats for your character to wear and a new Turbo Mode.

Graphically, this game is made in vibrant colors with the impressive style
You will also listen the real impact sound effects while you are playing.
You will hear the noise when you manage to land a bounce dead-center quickly becomes a short-term goal for every single spin.

In conclusion, this game KANO can be included in an extremely well-made game.
Thus, if you love playing matching game, you may taste this game on your phone for a good reference


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