Review of Just Go Golf Lets You Complete Course

Just Go Golf is developed by Just Go Game in which this game is a mobile game giving you an active outdoor golfing experience where you simply pick you club and swing your phone to make a top score or even you can have have a golf club.

just go golf walkthrough ios android

Later on, you will then walk the distance of your shot to reach your ball and take your next swing.
On the other side, this game will give you all the activity of a full round of golf and full access to all courses every day you would like to play with

To play this game, you will simply hit the ball by making a calm, controlled swing motion with your phone.

After hitting the ball, walk the distance of your shot to hit the ball once more.
Then, continue until you have hit the ball into the cup.

The concept of this game is straightforward enough where you merely pick a course then work towards completing it in as few hits as possible.

You can also pick out one of many different clubs, in which each making a subtle difference to what can unfold.

Furthermore, you can then select to swing your iPhone to make the hit or use a dragging motion to move the ball.
Once you hit the ball and it flies down the course, it is down to you to physically walk that distance before taking the next shot.

Anyway, this game has brought a fun idea, in that you will feel a little more involved with the process
And, there is the benefit of gaining some exercise along the way.

Meanwhile, you can switch to a golf cart mode and complete a course, foregoing any need to get off the sofa.

In addition, this game has come with an interesting idea and it is something that feels worth checking out then play with it.


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