Review of Jump Jack as An Action Platformer Game

Rossman Bros Games has recently launched their newest game called Jump Jack on the apple store
This game is an action platformer reminiscent of 2d side scrolling classics game.

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In other words, this game can be said as an auto-runners with pre-designed stages consisting 20 stages spreading across four worlds

In this game, your main objective is to guide Jack to battle the bots and bring his sister home.
Your character will be equipped with abilities and gears

In line with these abilities, your character can jump, shoot beams from his hand, and use his cape to deflect any kind of shot from lasers to missiles.
Also, he can perform an incredible super-jump which will carry him to any height in the game.

Along the game, you will also gain points where the stages branch into a high and low road, in which you must do your moves precisely to reach the points.

You will also have to shoot the regular robots, except the ones you need as stepping stones.
Just try to reflect the lasers back at the shooting bots
Meanwhile, you can also block the missiles from the flying robots

Always be sure not to jump on the spiky heads of the heavy bots.
Instead, you must shoot the glass, bounce off the head, reflect the beams, jump and jump some more.

Sometimes, you may make a mistake where you will get three chances to make it right
Anyway, your character will have unlimited lives, but you will lose precious points from your score for every mistake you made in the stage that will send you to the beginning of the stage again.

So, just learn the patterns and the environment, while timing your jump to gain some points and go to the next stages

On the other side, you will also try to complete time challenges for each level, where you can string together perfect combos for more points

Well, this game also features leaderboards which will allow you to track your total time, score, and mistake you have made for normal and hard difficulties.

In related to the game`s controls, you will be served with virtual buttons for each type of jump, the cape deflect, and shooting.

All you will do here is to hold down the shot button to charge the super-jump before you can use it
And, if you can destroy a bunch of enemies in a row, you will get a super-beam which allows you to get a double-edged sword.

Graphically, this game has been made in a pixel art style, along with animation and details included within the game.

You will also see the backgrounds presented in a pretty good graphic
Besides, you can also listen to the music in fast-paced but it is not particularly catchy.

Anyway, playing this game will be fun since you will do activities like hopping, bopping, and shooting your way through Jack’s adventure
But, to do those activities, you must use your fast reflexes to go through each stage successfully


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