Review of Jump Car by Ketchapp

Ketchapp as the best developer of mobile games will test your skill of driving in its newest game which is entitled Jump Car

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This game will really challenge you how high you can climb with your car
To do all of the actions, you must time your jumps carefully and avoid crash into the other cars.

Anyway, Jump Car is a one-touch game where your car will drive back and forth on a platform
When doing so, you will be assigned to accomplish the main goal that is to get your car higher and higher by making it jump up to the next platform and make sure to get as high as possible without hitting another car.

In related to the game controls, you will be served with simple controls system where you merely touch the screen to make the car jump.
Here, those controls are very responsive

To get your car jump high, you can do it by simply tapping and holding the screen.
Just tapping and hold the screen will let you get to the next platform
But, you must occasionally avoid cars on your level, that you can do by tapping lightly to avoid them and cars above you.

On the other side, the game will keep track of a lot of your stats such as best record, day record, session record, and average record.

However, this game is a little light on content.
You will not find out music and the game does not have a real hook to keep you interested in it for a long period.
This game is a very simplistic game, that does not have the same addicting nature as other simplistic one-touch games have had in the past.

Anyway, playing with this game is a fun for a few rounds but it does not have the charm that other simplistic one-touch games in similar.
And, the game semm to be mediocre and it will not stand the test of time.


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