Review of Joomper as An Jumping Platform Game

Joomper developed by Teorius will get you to tap to joomp to the next platform.
Here, all you will do is to tap and hold to joomp further from one platform to another for high score. When performing your action, you can adjust the joomp power to reach to the next platform.

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This game can be said as a simple endless jumping game that also manages to capture the empty harshness of space.
Also, the game will involve fighting gravity where the action takes place just above a planet and the gravitational pull is still strong enough to potentially draw you into the burning atmosphere.

When playing this game, you hold down on the screen to charge up a power bar, then you release in specific time to move the character from one platform to the next.

If you release when the power bar is short, you will perform a small hop.
And, if you release when the power bar is full, you will go sailing.

Along the game, you will see girders that swing back and forth, in that all you need to do is to leap from one to the other safely.
At the beginning of the game, the girders are all on the same level, and will swing in the same direction at the same speed.
But once making progresses through some levels, the Joomper starts throwing twists at you, like girders that are placed at different heights and swing at varying speeds.

In line with this, the jumping mechanics will purposefully make it challenging to estimate how much power is necessary to clear girders.
With an endless jumping game sharp controls are everything, and Joomper‘s response time will really require a bit of fine-tuning.

In addition, this game is an unremarkable but enjoyable endless jumper.
Also, this game offers an atmospheric soundtrack, that will keep you busy while you are standing in line.


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