Review of Iron Snout Challenges You to Gain High Score

Aurimas Garuolis has introduced kung-fu where you will have to fight off the enemies to kick some wolf snout for getting score as high as possible

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This game is featuring the glorious clash of piglet versus wolf along with a bunch of action moves where you will merely tap and swipe the screen on your phone to punch, uppercut, kick, jump, split-kick, flip, duck, slam, catch, grab and throw.

Furthermore, you should snout to snout against evil creatures such as axe-wielding wolves, deadly pogo jumpers, wolves that will try to crash a firework into your pink tail or annoying mini-wolves.

Your main objective here is to defeat as many enemies as you can for high score
But, be sure to fight more wolves than your friends and defend your self against waves of wolves.

In related to the control options, those controls are a matter of tapping to punch and sliding up or down to jump or duck.
To get combo hits toward enemies, you can try to combine these to make jumping attacks, sliding moves, and a whole mishmash of other techniques.

Anyway, performing all actions in this game will indeed require speed but the timing is also important, as the wolves will gradually infringe upon your territory.

On the other side, playing this game is simply to have fun, in that this game does not evolve past its simplest idea, which is both a success and a flaw.
It works well for short bursts but once playing for few levels, you will wish there was a bit more to it.

Later on, you will be served with a small upgrade system as well
In addition, this game is pretty cute and it is not costing anything.


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