Review of Iris Synthesis as Puzzle Game with Shape Making

If you are big fans of puzzle game, you may try to taste the newest game from Funcraft Games, Iris Synthesis in that this game is a bit like playing Tetris on a turntable platter.

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It can be said that Iris Synthesis is a kind of a puzzle game revolving around prediction and shape-making.
On the screen, you will see a shape pops up in the center of the screen along with a countdown.
Now, it is the time to loose blocks float around the center shape, such as electrons around a nucleus.

Along the game, all you will have to do is to tap the outside pieces that correctly form the center shape when they come together.
Here, you must do it fast and when the countdown in the center of the screen ends, the shape will come together whether you selected the correct blocks or not.

If you have made the correct guess quickly, you will earn a speed bonus.
And, if you can match up the incorrect shape, you will be able to blow your chance at a perfect three-star run.

Later on, the challenge will be pretty complex as the shapes that must be formed become bigger, more complicated, and containing differently-colored pieces.
You will also see weird particles floating in from the side of the screen in which they must be zapped away before they hit the center.

Anyway, this game comes with a unique puzzle game that is satisfying to play.
You can try by yourself that the shape-matching process will be very different from Tetris
But, jamming things together in this game is like playing around with I-blocks and L-blocks.
During the play, you will be served with the soundtrack that is a perfect in rhythm.

On the other side, if you want to get better experience in playing this game, it is highly recommended to play it on a tablet.
When you play on standard phone, the floating pieces can be hard to track and tap on a small screen.

Even though, this game is free to download and you can access a handful of levels for free, you will sometimes be prompted to purchase nine additional tokens for 99 cents each.


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