Review of Interstellar by Paramount Digital Entertainment

Paramount Digital Entertainment has launched their newest game entitled interstellar in which this game seems to be adapted into a movie

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Like in the movie, this game will allow you to search the cosmos to find a new suitable home for the human race.

In side the game, the actual gameplay is separated into two sections.
In one section, you will have to build your own little galaxies
And, the level of scientific detail will be simply spectacular.

Throughout the game, you are able to create planets with different shapes, sizes, and even materials like gas or metal and watch as their colors, orbits, and gravity fields change accordingly.
Here, you will be given a flexibility to customize stars and moons as well.

With their galaxy in place, you can then go on to the second section, which is more substantial exploration phase.
At this point, you can use an advanced space flight controls, such as a cross between the acceleration of Asteroids and the momentum of Lunar Lander

With your ship, you can traverse user-generated solar systems as well as harvesting resources as efficiently as possible.
Because of this, you will be able to let the natural gravitational pull of celestial bodies and draw your ship into orbit as you collect precious fuel.

On the other side, staying in orbit while preventing deadly crashes will need a certain balance of starting and stopping and in an excellently mind-boggling final touch, you should be wary of the relativistic effects of travel through the space-time continuum
When doing so, you must try to keep your mission as close to Earth time possible.

Actually, playing this game will allow you to see the occasional meteor-dodging minigames between levels
On the other words, the game just feels like work as you have to save humanity.
In this game, galaxies are also tiny, limiting the creation mode’s potential and failing to deliver an awe-inspiring sense of scope to make up for the tedious.

In conclusion, this game may be a part of a new breed of mobile movie tie-ins
Anyway, it might not be great, but it may give you a learning about spaces and humanity aspect.


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