Review of Incandescence as Rhythm Game

Incandescence is the rhythm game genre which is simply a facet of the game rather than the entire focus of the experience.

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When seeing this game from trailer, you will simply to drum your finger on the phone screen without even thinking about it but you should keep in rhythm when doing your action.
On the other words, all you will have to do is to tap tap tap on a mystical crystal object

By doing so, your score will increases and it will generate a visual feast of multi-coloured light emissions, accompanied by rapidly intensifying music.
Ont he other words, this game delivers you an excellent fusion of sound and visuals, and it makes the otherwise featureless gameplay of ‘tap a lot’ an exciting, engagingly good time.

There is a knack to it, and the game tests your stamina.
So, just practice, then make some scores into the highest one

This game consists of rasping one’s fingers at greater speeds, to get a constant stream of points until either the sequence is broken or one slows down too much.
Anyway, you simply tap with as many or as few fingers as you feel like, and make sure to try to keep up the speed.

Meanwhile, the gameplay gives a sound-visualizer style background which is interesting to look at pulsating black pyramid.

In conclusion, this game is as an ‘experimental’ game which is barely a novelty.
And, for those who like fasting tap game, you may consider to play this game.


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