Review of Hyper Rift Brings More Puzzles to Solve

Hyper Rift game can be categorized into a visual gamebook adventure in which the inspirations from classic science fiction mysteries will be a kind of an interactive story to read and follow.

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On the other words, this game has crafted an original science fiction story that combines real science with imaginations and present choices that lead to far-reaching consequences.
This game also features number puzzles, situational puzzles, multiple endings and interesting characters.

Here, you will be taken to read large sections of text, make narrative decisions, and solve complicated puzzles, so that you can figure out the mystery of a derelict spacecraft called the Mi’raj.

On the other side, this game establishes a pretty fantastic sense of mystique that has the power to drive you through the somewhat inconsistent writing, dense puzzle solving sequences, and clunky controls.

In this game, you will take a role as a character that has just woken up on a spacecraft that is largely abandoned and parts of it aren’t fully operational in which you will have no knowledge of the ship or how you got there.

However, the storytelling seems not to give the best structured adventure as it sports some out-of-sequence text on occasion.

To read the text and play the game, you can tap one of five buttons at the bottom of the screen to assess your current status, read the current description of what is happening around them, pull up options of things to investigate, move to another room, or pull up the menu.

Along the game, you will get the screen covered with text, and you will also be provided with background floor plans that illustrate the layout of the ship and the rooms being explored.

During your exploration, you will also collect some items, speaking with other characters, and solving puzzles
In the way of solving these puzzles, they will need math, scientific knowledge, memorization, and logic.

Moreover, this game definitely does not have a perfect control scheme.
Some actions here seem to take a few more taps than needed and investigate-able items remain static on the screen so that you have to keep track of what is worthwhile to click on and what is not to click out, which can sometimes be frustrating though.

Even during action sequences, you will be assigned to read text and make decisions with no time limit while trying to figure out what the story goes.

In addition, as being a gamebook, this game is not perfect, but it makes up for its issues by being challenging and interesting in ways that most other free-to-play story games.
Anyway, this game is still worth to try especially for those who are interested in interactive fiction adventures game.


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