Review of Hyper Maze Arcade: Solve The Puzzle with Energy Points

Pixel Heart has a kind of fresh puzzle game that is bundled in Hyper Maze Arcade that will give you a lot more than the simplistic maze solving puzzle game

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In this arcade style puzzle game, the levels are procedurally generated, continuous mazes, that will sometimes make you go far enough ahead not to get lost too easily.

This game is a free-to-play game with the mazes will slowly work their way back towards you, and if your ball crosses the line at the bottom of the screen, you will not go to any further.

In related to the controls options, a swipe automatically takes the ball to the next intersection in whichever direction you have sent it.
It also increases the speeds that you can achieve
This circumstance is important as you will not always go down the unobstructed route.

On the other side, in your attempt of making progress through the everlasting maze will need energy points, which are the foundation of the in-game currency.
In line with this, you can collect it up along the way.

Besides energy points, you can also find power ups, that will later on give you access to special moves such as blowing up an entire section of maze
In accordance with this, if you are quick fingered and find yourself stuck, you can destroy the walls that are blocking your way with such power ups.

Also, you will find that this game has delivered special sensational dub-step soundtrack that you can find from Bandcamp direct from the in-game menu
Moreover, this kind of rhythm gives Hyper Maze Arcade a powerful electronic vibe that perfects its unique, futuristic visage.

In addition, this game, Hyper Maze Arcade has higher quality production values than a casual title
And, it also offers an essential download for anyone on the hunt for their next time-devouring F2P addiction.


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