Review of Horizon Chase as An Old Racing Game Style

Aquiris Game Studio launched Horizon Chase on the apple store few days ago
This game can be said as a racing game with old theme

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In other words, this game is a race around the world where you will drive your car through extraordinary places, watching the sun set, facing rain, snow, volcanic ashes and even sandstorms.

You can race in the day or night with each track happening in beautiful postcards from across the world.

In this game, every curve and every lap in herein recreates classic arcade gameplay that will make you experience unbound speed limits of full throttle

Graphically, this game is made with the 16-bit generation with a style inspired in the past
You can see the apparent polygon and secondary color aesthetic with the visual create a unique and harmonic atmosphere.

To race in this game is pretty simple as you will simply hold your finger to the accelerator and use another finger to turn left or right as you want

You will be served with a map that shows each corner and the track’s layout are clearly sign posted there
During the race, you can hit the nitro button at the right moment to speed up your car.
Once going some races, you will have to upgrade your car

So, if you like playing any racing game on the go, you may need to install this game on your phone as well


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