Review of HoPiko as A Fast Speed Run Platformer Game

HoPiKo which is developed by Laser Dog can be said as a twitch or an intense speed run platformer game designed for the ios platform that will get you to save gaming as you have seen today

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Along the game, you will be brought to every level that will get you to take down the viruses that have captured all the good data in a game system.

You can save gaming data by hopping from platform to platform before launching yourself bodily into the virus that will hold your friends captive.

You will perform your action in a fast move to take out and reach each virus within the game data
During your action, you will have to avoid vulnerable data, electrified walls, and a bunch of other tricks and traps.

To perform your action, you will merely jump from one safe platform to another
You can do all of those things by dragging your finger in the direction you want to leap in.

Jumping from one platform to another then slamming into a virus to rescue your friends seems to provide a sense of weight and purpose.

As a speed run platformer game, you will not be allowed to stop and think about your next move.
You will always move through each level which is divided into five segments
And, you will go back to the first segment, if you cannot go through each level


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