Review of Home Boov Pop

Behaviour Interactive has launched a puzzle game which is based on the DreamWorks Animation film, Home Boov Pop, a Match-3 puzzler

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This game will provide you a new twist to the puzzle genre along with a unique gravity-based physics mechanism in the world 3D graphics

Here you will merely connect colorful and bouncy Boov bubbles to match 3 or more to make them pop
So you will be challenged to make more connections for bigger pop

On the other words, you have to clear a certain number of colored bubbles through a different method than usual.
Just clear a few of them and the others surrounding them move around.
In the mean time, you can set off a chain reaction of combos, for maximum efficiency and points.

And, if you can clear a certain number of bubbles in one turn, you will form special bubbles clearing entire lines in one go.
Doing this can make all the difference when you have limited moves

After making some progresses through few levels, you will get some stages that offer obstacles which affect the direction in which the bubbles go.

Later on, you will also be headed with in-app purchases to speed things up, as well as an energy system to interrupt your progress.

Sometimes, you will be given with special abilities through different playable characters and the objectives change from clearing a set number to focusing on achieving a certain high score.

Anyway, playing this game will give you some fun and it seems to be a fun distraction if not entirely enticing though.


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