Review of Hocus as A Puzzle Game to Balance Red Cube

If you like playing a brain-twisting puzzler game on the go, you may try to play hocus. which is developed by Yunus Ayyildiz in which this game seems to be the top of the App Store charts this weekend

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This puzzle game will take you to solve a series of 50 increasingly more difficult puzzle levels
This game is all about to move a small cube around a linear framework to sink it into a hole.

Along the game, you will see each puzzle to guide the small red cube to cross visual planes appearing to connect or be adjacent, but it would not connect in reality.

Here, you will see a great little animation in the opening menu where puzzles spawn from an individual block which will give each static puzzle spawn in such a way once it is loaded.

Anyway, playing this game will entertain you since it is mellow caused by the soundtrack consisting of simple chimes
If you move the box, it will create a clinking sound which may be loud to listen

Again, every puzzle in the game will include a directional compass to guide you to determine which way the cube will go next

In the game, after moving the cube to its final destination, it will sink into the puzzle with a satisfying drop so that the next level will pop up automatically.

Entirely, this game, Hocus can be said as a palate cleanser for the thoughtful gamers.
Playing this game is perfect for short play sessions while testing the workout of your brain.
This game is about to balance to guide the red cube into the right spot


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